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The Tenacious Wombat's Journal

He asked us "Be you Angels?" and we said "Nay", "We are but men - ROCK!"

The Bunny Bacchus
31 July 1977
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I was born in 1977, nothing much happened for eighteen years. I went to college and failed first year of Applied Physics several times for the same reasons most people fail college (I was in a course I had sod all interest in and the sudden freedom to do what I wanted was intoxicating). I farted around for a few years before ending up doing software testing.

Now I'm married to followthebird, we have a cool little son. I work in management of a games publisher, I'm on the radio two or three times a year talking about games and I tend to write about games a fair bit here. My pet peeves are the insufficient number of hours in the day to do all the stuff I want to do. I don't like sleeping, I can't help but see it as a waste of five or six hours when I could be doing something more interesting. I have asthma, I was diagnosed with it about two years ago but I still haven't managed to quit smoking, oddly enough I have put significant effort into exercise and diet to make sure I could manage the asthma without having to. I have anger issues, I can't stand writing letters and I generally don't like people. However I like dichotomies and I had a christian upbringing so as much as I dislike people (because they're pricks) I have a tendency to only see the good in them.