The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Oh the angst

This is being a strangely frustrating day.
To get over the annoyance of the whole review thing I decided to rent out Freddy Vs Jason and watch people being killed in a variety of imaginative ways. Naturally the video store had some sort of mishap where the DVDs had been delivered but not registered on the computer and the staff couldn't find them anywhere.

This bugged me so I decided to get some food in the shop next door and I wound up in a queue behind an old woman who must have been at least 150 years old and whose method of shopping involved getting something from the shelf, wandering to the till, talking to the girl at the till, wandering off, getting something else and repeating as necessary. Another till opened, I moved towards it only to get cut off by another old dear who did much the same. I swear these fuckers move in packs.

This also bugged me so I went home and read some stuff on the web and out of curiosity had a look at the special guest list for Ubercon, I thought it was the ubercon we have in ireland but this was another one in the US. I scrolled down the list and noticed a name from the past. B.D. Flory. Years back I played a card game called Doomtown, it was based on the Deadlands RPG and it was all about cowboys and indians and shamen and spell slinging hucksters - it was mighty cool. This BD character used to write some pretty shitty fan fiction about the game that frequently committed what I consider the cardinal sins of fanfic, he killed off existing characters or put them in situations they would never let themselves into, that kind of thing. After a while he was put on the official story writing team for the game, something which flabbergasted me somewhat.
The game died eventually and BD was on a mailing list I was also on discussing what could be done to continue the life of the game beyond the end of the line and he was involved in some pretty petty bickering with the list admin, eventually he just went off to make his own list and went ahead and subscribed everyone on the first list to his own list without their permission. Some more petty list politicking went on and eventually both lists died and then out of fucking NOWHERE I now see he ends up as a staff writer working on the Spycraft RPG. I mean how the fuck does this happen? mytholder, your route to fame in RPG writing circles would seem to be misguided, you should behave like a childish prick for a few months, churn out wanky fanfic and... I dunnow, fellate someone in the industry and presto! you're on a team. Much better than your "hard work and dedication route".

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