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Karma in Motion

I shall now geek out for a while. The story below makes little sense without knowing the following facts:
Batman rocks, this is a statement of fact, not an opinion.
I like batman, purely in a manly heterosexual manner.
Batman kicks ass, especially when he's being angry batman, more so when done in that cartoon 'massive jaw' fashion.
Batman kicking superman's ass, in turn, kicks ass.
Heroclix is a cool game.
Heroclix involves buying little packs, called boosters. These boosters contain four random figures from certain comics (superman, spiderman, X men, elecktra, famous four and so on) These figures have little dials on their bases which you use to determine their strength or damage and stuff, whenever a figure is damaged during the game (by being punched by another figure, not by dropping them) you turn the base a few clicks (determined by the amount of damage) to see their new stats.

There are many different characters in the game but they all come in three flavours, rookie (at the start of their superhero/villain career) experienced and veteran (the current point in their career). Finally there are the very rare ones, the uniques. Unique doesn't mean there's only one in existance but it DOES mean that they're damned hard to get with only one in every six boosters. Then there's the fact that some uniques are rarer than others and things get complicated.

So, I'm in town with Greg on saturday afternoon and we wander into the relatively new comics place "The Third place" on crow street, we noticed that the downstairs section was open so we took a peek.

While down there I noticed some shelves behind the counter with some heroclix miniatures (a comic superhero strategy model game along the lines of mageknight or even games workshop stuff on a smaller scale) and I spied one in particular. A batman (unique) model based on the D2K comics where batman gets himself some kryptonite gloves to beat the hell out of superman (priced at 30 euro). I asked about it but unfortunately it was being kept for someone else but the buy behind the counter said that if it wasn't bought by monday closing, he'd sell it to me. He said it was possible that he could "forget" that it was being kept but I said that "no, I'd hate to have that done to me and I don't want it so much I'm prepared to ruin someone's day for it". Despite the fact that it was a super rare (known as a unique) and I was very unlikely to see one for sale again.

So, monday evening comes around (after a muchly pleasant weekend in carlow) and I wander back in. The figure still isn't sold so I chatted to the guy at the counter and again it's pointed out that they could "forget" about the whole reservation thing and I reply in the same manner as before, (they're extremely friendly in there folks) and went for a pint with a friend until 6:30 when I returned to find that the figure had just been sold.

Annoyed at the stupid lengths my good nature sometimes takes me (especially considering I'm a strong advocate of the 'man mind thy self' philosophy) I figure that I came in with the intention of spending 30 euro on heroclix so I was damned well going to get some heroclix.
So I grab four boosters (packs containing four random figures) and open them up. It wasn't a bad haul actually, two uniques out of four boosters. I got joker unique and "The Key" unique (I dunnow who or what the key is or what comic he comes from) along with some other reasonably good figures. The comics shop guy offers me three boosters for the joker unique there and then and I accept. I grab three more boosters and start opening them, and whaddya know, the last figure I pull from the final booster?

Batman Unique from D2K with his kryptonite gloves.

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