The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Righto, I got metalrabbit's new laptop installed with Windows XP, installed all the bits and pieces she wanted on it, copied over all the RPG PDFs she wanted, a couple of gigs of mp3s, installed diablo 2 and planescape: torment. And it only took me about six hours. Thanks christ people don't get PCs often.

Later I have to call the landlord and tell him I'm moving out this time next month and I have to call my mum to try and sort something out about getting some stuff from my grandad's old place. He died a few years back and the house has finally been sold - sort of out of the blue actually, the last sale fell through and a neighbour bought the place and takes possession this week, so if I want some momento of him I have to pick it out soon. My sister, ever the practical one, got the TV as a keepsake :), I reckon he has a few whetstones or something around the place I used to use when I hung out with him as a kid, sharpening knives and axes and.... that sounds sort of psycho.

For now thought I sit down and do chapter two of unholy wars I think.
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