The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Sleep is for the weak and also the tired.

I never thought I could be happy to have a song stuck in my head. Normally they're about as welcome as a forgotten scalpel in the intestines but Bo Selecta's "Proper Crimbo" has been there for two days and though I feel sort of dirty for liking it, I like it. It's a damned sight better than the time I had "copacobana" in there for a week and "uptown girl" weekend might have been okay if it wasn't the Westlife version. I might get myself an mp3 player for these occasions, and also so I can put a soundtrack to my day.

If I were making new years resolutions I think I'd have two to make. The first being that I would hang out clothes once they were finished in the washing machine. Laundry is one of those areas where my good intentions go to hell a lot quicker than usual.
The second would be to throw food out of the fridge BEFORE it reached a point where I no longer know what the hell it was originally. There's a bowl in there that I suspect used to be cauliflower cheese but that's questionable. What it is now is anyone's guess.

Y'know, the weather might be shit but the wind makes my coat flap around something dramatic.

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