The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Late nite viewing.

Once again my sleep patterns are wrecked so I'm back downstairs warming some milk and having a cigarette and a read.
The TV in the background seems to be on an extra long commercial break right now and I suspect it might be on a loop or something because I've heard ads for "Born on the 4th of July" eight times now, "Godzilla" about nine times, "Little Women" about... I dunnow, three times and Mermaids seven times. Also an ad for the TV show "All Saints" about six times.

Yeah, there's the Godzilla one again, someone's asleep at the wheel.

Now the one for "Ultimate Force", Mermaids again, Godzilla, Born on the 4th of July, All Saints, Little Women, Godzilla, Ultimate Force, Mermaids, (and if there's a pattern here it should be Godzilla now) - Yup, Godzilla... DAMN YOU YOU CRAZY FRENCH AND YOUR NUCLEAR TESTING!, Born on the 4th of July, All Saints...

This is never going to end.

You'd think there'd be something better on to cater to the lucrative 18-30 insomniac market. Still though, it's better than that woeful music video request show where you text in the video you want to see next and then pay two quid for the privelige of possibly seeing it or alternatively watching messages from a bunch of losers (losers not because they are awake at that hour, oh no, losers because of their messages) along the lines of "Yo yo, whassap, this is da artane hippee here making a shout out to my homies in da artane hood" or "hi ths is charmagne sain a big hi 2 all my pals, luv u all 4 evah!!!!!!" I particularly liked the time they had a highbrow discussion of the war in iraq, that doesn't even bear repeating.

This is the future of our fucking country, sadly it would seem to be an improvement on what we have.

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