The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

There's a reason they call it "Work" and not "Fun"

Gawd, monday.... already..

I had a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend and they're all still undone and it feels great, I finished Jedi Knight 2 on the difficult setting, killed some aliens in Alien Versus Predator 2 as a marine, played a little Warcraft 3 and a smidgen of Dark Reign 2 (Wc3's spiritual predecessor)

I also watched a new horror out on video called "Wendigo", the name caught my eye since it's one of the nastier beasties out of deadlands (as well as creature of native american myth and all). Touted as being intelligent, it seemed like a good way to spend an idle friday evening.

Some small spoilers below, I reccomend you read them and save yourself five euro.

Here's a hint for would be reviewers.

If you don't understand the movie, it is unlikely because the movie is intellient, it is more because the thing is fucking incomprehensible.

Here's a hint for would-be movie makers. Stick men are not scary, they weren't scary in the blair witch, they were sad in blair witch 2, they were worse in the games for that matter, they are not scary in wendigo, mostly because latex sticks are even less scary than ordinary sticks in the normal run of things. I can only assume that the producers of wendigo were all beaten with unconvincing rubbery sticks as children or something.
Also, the whole frenzied fast forward motion we're seeing in every god damned horror movie these days has got to stop, it sort of worked in "The house on haunted hill" (though it was about the only bit that DID work) but that's not a license to use it in every movie you squeeze out these days.

Anyway, the movie itself. The only reason you could classify it as horror was the tension at waiting for something to leap out and eat someone. By the end of the movie you were just dying for someone to be dismembered. The acting was great though, allowing for the fact that the actors were playing very very dull people. Now maybe I missed the point here but I *think* the horror element of the movie was the fear of being in a friend's house on holidays and of having a wierd neighbour. Either that or the movie suffered from an overly eager editor who (queen of the damned style) removed all the bits of the movie that made the thing make any sense at all.

The plot goes very simply.

Family goes on holidays, family pisses off wierdo neighbour, family goes shopping, kid is told the story of the wendigo, dad and kid go sledging, dad is shot, wendigo-ish thingy shows up in a rubber suit, dad dies. Wendigo injures wierdo neighbour, dad dies, movie ends. The all devouring wendigo scourge of the north thing does nothing except get shot at and tries not to move too much, thus makking rubber stick antlers wobble unconvincingly....

Interestingly, the (many many) trailers at the start of the disk all looked like good movies... wierd...
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