The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

For some people a lengthy break in posting to livejournal means that something is happening in their lives, a wedding, a funeral, a birth or whatever - something serious. When I look back over my lj for the past year and a bit I can see the gaps and go "Ah, that was the bit where I was playing Baldur's Gate 2" or "Ah, that week was Knights of the Old Republic week".

This week is Max Payne 2 week.

But before I launch into another session of shooting people in the face in slow motion:

Christmas this year was quite quite cool, I'd like to say that it went without a single argument but unfortunately I had a bit of a stand up screaming match with a bus driver who insisted that I put some small and/or fragile bags in the luggage compartment where it would be entirely safe and not covered with forty bags full of students' dirty laundry.
He opened with something along the lines of "Right, I'm not going though this again this year" (before I had opened my mouth, an attitude sure to get the right response).
I said "Well, these are fragile and no way in hell am I putting them in there to be crushed by all the other bags"
He replied "Listen, I can guarantee you that if you put those bags in there they'll be perfectly fine"
I said "Yeah? like last year when my stuff got knocked right out of shape?"
He replied "Well I can't be held responsible for last year"
I said "Yeah, and you won't be fucking responsible for this year either because you cunts accept no liability for anything lost or stolen on the bus"
He conculded that there was no way I was getting on the bus with my bag and I surmised that it was probably because he was a fat sweating cunt with shitty skin and bad breath and that, perhaps, he should go fuck himself.

I didn't improve on the situation by telling an inspector that I thought that he, also was a fucker and that I hoped he died screaming.

A mild overreaction perhaps but I just got a later bus.

Anyway, I got some cool gifts this year including a small wad of cash from various relatives (which was used to buy some RPG stuff), Soul Calibur 2 for the gamecube, the Angel RPG, Max Payne 2, a Chess set and from metalrabbits parents - a big assed katana with a faux ivory hilt in a stylised dragon shape.

There were also a lot of boxer shorts and socks in there too, which was a little off putting since I've been doing my own laundry now for six months easy and I usually have clean underwear now.

So now I have the entire Buffy and Angel RPG range, several new games and a nice chess set so I can pretend to be an intellectual while sitting on the sofa wearing nothing but socks and shorts.
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