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Down boy, DOWN!

So, our second ever completed D&D campaign finished up last night, unfortunately it ended with the death of all the characters except one, who had fled earlier as per his instructions (he was no longer able to play in the game so he figured that he'd run off with all the cash and maybe come back later if the game was still going). We're veering off D&D for a while, possibly in the direction of seventh sea.

Greece bans gaming, Bertie Ahern is a moron.. an ignorant bullish hypocritical liar of a moron at that, gaelcon is coming up and for once I can't complain about it. The more things change the more they stay the same.

September 11th is on the way again, I hope any memorials are tasteful, I'd hate to see Bush hijack the date for his own "lets invade em" pep talks, I just sincerely hope he has the good taste to let one day go by to let people remember what happened without turning it into another cheap attempt to boost a flagging economy by whipping the public into a xenophobic frenzy. A short speech, "on this day we remember those that died in the attack......" no "cowardly strike on the free world" no "retribution" no "revenge" no "america", just remembering the tragic, needless deaths of over 2000 people.

I know that more people die from AIDS, food poisioning, war and famine every day than died on sept 11th but I suppose just because we don't have candlelit vigils for the above reasons, it doesn't mean we shouldn't and couldn't have one for a massive and pubicly massive loss of human life. I suppose it's easier to mourn the dead when there's somewhere obvious to do it and as bad as the attack was, what's sprung from it (tips, afghanistan, bills that wake the ACLU up screaming) is so much worse. Ah well.

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