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Everybody was kung foo fighting

Got the new foo fighters album a week or two back. I've refrained from commenting on it since I initially seriously disliked it. I've listened to it a lot since then and it's growing on me. It's a real departure from their previously lighter stuff (nothing here that lends itself to "learn to fly" type videos for example) and the extra DVD content is cool enough but the video they chose to include with it was the worst one I've ever seen them do. They've either grown up a lot since the last album or they've been strongly influenced by 9-11. I'm inclined to believe it's the latter since there's a definite undertone of recovery, moving on and redemption from what I can hear in the lyrics.

In other news, I conquered the universe, dismembered some dark jedi and stole several high performance sports cars.


life needs to be more like computer games.

The new harry potter movie rocks - a lot. If you disagree not only are you wrong but you're also a communist, a pinko, probably a practicioner of the dark arts and very likely a sexual deviant as well.

So there.

In the absence of any effort on my part to update schwoom, I'm going to post quick notes on the movies we watch in our place every friday (known as shitty movie friday, we rent the worst horror/thrillers we can find and then laugh at them).
(Note, schwoom is still being worked on, just slowly since I'm not sure what to do with it all)

The texas chainsaw massacre 2 is a very disturbing movie, we're talking "I really want this to be over" disturbing. It contains parts that would normally have me wetting myself with laughter except that they have a superior sinister twist in TCM2 that had me REALLY wanting to watch anything else. Sort of how I would imagine I'd feel if I was watching a parody snuff movie or the like. Actually, if you've ever read the "meanwhile" from Squee where J Vasquez describes his personal movie project as containing hours of screaming howler monkeys and crack babies and the reaction of the audience then you'll have some idea of how this movie made me feel.
Want to see a convincing protrayal of someone losing their mind over the course of 12 hours? Watch this one.

Lake Placid was a load of ass, giant croc fails to eat a golden girl (not the trampy one or judge judy) and then eats someone else, and then another guy. Then brendan gleeson speaks in a terrible american accent (which becomes irish by the end of the flick), there's some sexual tension between gleeson and some crazy crocodile worshipping guy, a cow is eaten, then a helicopter is eaten, then the crocodile is moved to canada or something.

The Evil dead? Not bad when it comes to intelligent human reactions but I'm not altogether surprised they remade it. No chainsaws, sod all shotguns, elvis quotes? nary a one...


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