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Tue, Dec. 9th, 2003, 12:04 pm
High speed decoration

So last night metalrabbit had herself a cup of coffee and got it into her head to put up some christmas decorations.
Something, I don't know what, possibly a combination of stress, stress, stress, christmas spirit and caffine gave her some sort of high speed superpower and after a mere half hour of watching her run to and fro through the kitchen and back into the hall (all the while muttering "coffee christmas coffee christmas wheeeee") she had the hall decorated with that christmas tree stuff wrapped around the bannister and some lights twisted into it and up across the roof at the top of the stairs and around our bedroom door. It's actually very pretty and chrismassy and well put up with pins hammered into the wall (which answered my question as to what the hell she was doing using a hammer to put up decorations).
So now when I'm going to bed it feels like I'm going to santa's grotto - which as euphamisms go isn't a bad one.