The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Darth Meat

So my PC is working perfectly (again, touching wood for all I'm worth) since I cleaned it out and I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic since I got back to Dublin yesterday evening.

I spent the weekend at home in Cavan mostly, I was visiting relatives who were over from England and wandering around town a bit. A few things took me by surprise while I was there. The first was quite how many people I saw with limps or some sort of deformity compared to how many I would see in a similar time frame in Dublin - a lot of which I am sure can be attributed to the poor state of the hospitals back twenty years ago. The second thing that surprised me was just how much cheaper food is down there. In a daring move (daring because there was no guarantee that I would get it from cavan to dublin before it spoiled) I bought a load of meat in a factory shop before I came back up.
1lb of pork and leek sausages
1 stuffed pork fillet
1 hunk of beef
1 shoulder of pork
2 lamb chops
2 lb of bacon
4 pork and apple burgers

All for 31 euro It would have been twice that in Dublin. So if anyone wants to sponsor further trips, let me know.

Enough about my meat.

Knights of the Old Republic is an amazingly pretty game, it's got the graphics of the better First Person Shooter star wars games (if not better) and, although I'm not astonishingly far into it yet, it IS beginning to look like a contender to join Planescape: Torment for the title of "best NPC interaction", or at least come a very close second. You regularly converse with the NPCs in your party, you can piss them off and while none of them are essential to your progress as such, they do make life easier. I've not noticed any occurances of the whole "Lie: Tell him you'll do the job" thing yet but I might have missed it.
And the combat... Oooh.. the combat, swords clashing, people ducking under sweeping kicks, leaning back to avoid slashes - none of this crap where your sword passes clear through them and you don't actually hit them, if they can be seen to have deflected or dodged your strike then you didn't hit them.
I'd intended to do some writing over the weekend but for some reason I slept for most of it - saturday was spent asleep on the bus, on the sofa and in front of the TV, then the same for sunday until around five when I got off the bus. On the upside, 36 hours asleep out of 48 does leave you refreshed.

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