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What a difference a day makes

I am much cheered.

Granted I'm still pissed that I have to work like a madman for the next several days for the sole purpose of making a couple of inept dumbasses look good (unfortunately making them look bad makes me look a lot worse). Certainly, the whole software testing gig is getting a little samey from say to day (yeah, I know it's called "work" and not "fun" for a reason).

Nonetheless, last night I discovered the Flash suite and I'm hooked. Even if I never progress past using it as a paint package I'll still be delighted with it. It cleans up my crappy line work, it fills to the edges perfectly without having to tweak tolerances or opacity, the fill tool even volunteers to close gaps in my linework to avoid spilling out onto the main page. Essentially it lets me draw without worrying about pencilling, erasing, scanning, cleaning, resizing, changing the contrast and all associated crap. It's like they designed the thing for lazy people of something....

In other news, thanks to the heating, or drymess of the house, or dust or something, both my eyes are bloodshot and I can barely see out of them. Not cool

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