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Ah, I do so love these times when everything is uncertain and tumult-ey, it puts me in a such great mood. It'll pass of course but meantime anyone who feels the need to comment on how much I'm smoking these days can write their observations down on paper, roll it up real tight and stick it up their ass.

It's really my only vice - maybe I need more... hmm..

I'm looking forward to next year - mostly. With metalrabbit in cork (in all liklihood) the "suck" end of the scale is going to take a heavy weight. What I do depends heavily on the pay review in a fortnight, a decent increase would mean I would be able to save away a large amount of cash for our future.
Thanks to the work on the rail tracks my plans to open a stall to make more money have been pretty much derailed (ho ho) and the bookshop thing is probably going to have to go on the back burner for another year or so until I CAN do the stand and get a feel for whether or not the whole thing is right for me. For that matter since I'd be visiting metalrabbit at the weekends it can't really happen anyway.
I'll have to get someone new into the house since I can't afford 1200 rent all by myself and living on my own would just be bad for me anyway. Of course my track record with letting out rooms is far from pristine (two filthy bastards, one murderer, one psycho bitch) and while I'm far from perfect myself, I'd like to think I can 1. keep a house clean, 2. not run up massive bills and then leave, or 3. have some sort of breakdown, amass a horde of porn, leave and go home to kill my mum. Christ, my worst sin is that I once left a prawn bolognaise in a wok until it looked like it contained a horde of pink kittens (I honestly thought it was empty, I never had reason to touch or empty it - less reason once I found out what was in it of course)

On the up side, I have my friends, health and possibly more money for next year. New flatmates or jobs are rarely as bad as I think and changes aren't always for the worst. At 26 it seems silly to be getting worried about changes in my status quo.

But there's that feeling of indecision again.
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