The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


Long week, no further word on the whole interview thing, though they DID say it would be a while, either way I refuse to fret since I pretty much rock (no sarcasm intended, if nothing else I'm confident).

This week I have read two books, learned two new principles of testing, developed three proceedures, solved six serious problems, dealt with two assholes and overall been uber efficient, despite being off one day with flu and being surly for two of the remaining days. I'm on a roll dagnabbit.

Tonight I settle down for a couple of hours of Dark Age of Camelot (which I am enjoying so much more since I ditched the shitty elf ranger and got me a burly celtic hero swordfighter character (in four hours I advanced almost as far as the ranger who took forty hours easy). I also intend to indulge in some serious Invader Zim viewing, about six episodes I found on a CD I thought I'd lost.

Tomorrow I lie in bed and consider that despite my best efforts (reading and rereading the Nice treaty as well as the relevant parts of the constitution) I still have no idea which way I want to vote (since I'm not an economist or specialist in any area other than nitpicking software) and as such am not qualified to vote. I'm beginning to wonder if putting it to the people was even such a hot idea to begin with since so few of us really have what experts call "a fucking clue" and so many of us base our votes on what we think of Ahern and company.

I feel like a lazy gimp for not wanting to vote, but by God, I'm not voting if I can't even convince myself which option is the right one.

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