The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

There are some stories that just sort of leave you...
The Barbi twins (playboy models) are sueing Larry Flint (hustler mogul) to prevent him from publishing photos he bought from the husband of one of the twins. These photos apparantly show "intimate sexual acts between the twin sisters" .

Wrong on so many levels really. I mean where do you draw the line? posing naked beside her? posing naked slathered in oil and rubbing up against her? belting up a strap on and going crazy?

Staying with smut for a moment, imagine a high school game where girls wear a load of plastic bracelets (those brightly coloured jelly ones) and the game involves a boy grabbing a bracelet (presumably with his eyes closed) and whatever colour he gets indicates what sexual favour the girl owes him.

I can't help but feel this one was masterminded by a guy since there is no mention of them having to return random favours ranging from a "foot rub" to "going to the shop because she wants ice cream" to "watching the TV show SHE wants to see".

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