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Again today I work my way through the 9-5:30 period in a constant state of anticipation as I await that fateful email informing me that I am about to be elevated to the heights of "second interview candidate" or pitiful depths of "PFO scum". We're almost at the week marker since the first interview and I'm still hopeful (since they undoubtedly have the decency to let me know when a decision is made, negative or not) but to say I'm on tenderhooks would be a startling understatement. That said, tradition dictates that no sooner have I complained about a topic than it is resolved, and perhaps the fact that I've checked my yahoo email no less than five hundred times in the last week may cause some sort of cosmic harmony thing to happen and that email will arrive.

Five hundred and one now... It's becoming one of those reflex things, like breathing.

Had a great time on saturday night with everyone at puritybrown's place, cleaned down and reinstalled metalrabbit's computer last night, tinkered with an overly paranoid personal firewall thing before deinstalling it, cleaned the kitchen and living room, played some more morrowind (the game that keeps on giving) and toyed with the possibility of a CD based portfolio of examples of my work for future interviews should the worst come to the worst.

Work is the usual tedious collection of dull tasks and frustrating dead end lines of enquiry. Granted, I've learned more in the last couple of months than I ever thought possible but at the end of the day, it's not exactly stimulating. I both envy and pity in equal measure those people who genuinely find network security issues and web server capabilities interesting.

God, I'm depressing myself writing this.

C'mon, one freaking email, is that so much to ask for?

I think anyone at the party on saturday can appreciate my position here, you're all aware of how damned cool the job is and the fact that it is essentially the same job I do now (if not easier) yet involving infinitely more interesting subject matter. If anyone wants to try a pavlovian experiement here, try emailing me while watching my face. I'm sure I drooled at least once when I saw that telltale dark blue bold text in yahoo mail.

Obsessive? moi?

Enough of this madness, back to work.

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