The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


It would appear that one bender in any twelve month period is more than enough for me as I didn't feel like getting quite as drunk as I planned last night. I had plenty to drink alright but there were no repeats of the parties in gothwalk, inannajones and olethros's place where I was falling around the place like a man with no brain. Supposedly I also missed some aggro and gossip towards the end of the evening - nothing amazingly interesting and certainly nothing I'd post on such an open forum but enough to have the office buzzing a little.

Metalrabbit is back tonight so once again it's time for the rush to get the place clean before she arrives and pretend that I've been doing little things like tidying up after myself, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor and showering at some point during her week of absence.

The little black bunny (Friend) is fully recovered from her operation it seems and it's made a huge difference to her, she's still nippy and prone to nibbling things she's not meant to (though no more than Foe) but none of it is aggressive and she even groomed me last night, which is a marked improvement from "tried to hit an artery".

Also, the frenchman is not gone yet, will I ever be free of him?

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