The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I am no longer in a mood.

I met up with Ian for about two hours this evening in the quiet surrounds of Madigan's pub in Donnybrook to thrash out the core background to the game once and for all. I'm assuming that the best way to build a game world is to start at the very beginning and work forward from that - previously we had a bunch of cool set pieces and tried to work history around them and it wasn't working.

Anyway, the new/refined background - it's pretty cool it's unique to my knowledge (and since it's not like we're asking for money for it I'm not overly concerned with inadvertently ripping someone off). There's intrigue, adventure and a great big dirty honking metaplot in the making.

The metaplot, ah the metaplot - the plan is that (assuming we don't lose interest) once a year at a convention a scenario is run, the scenario has consequences for the game world and one table picked at random and in secret will be the one to determine those consequences.

The core story concepts haven't changed, neither have the motivations for all involved and for now church and state theme is the main part of it all, though given time I hope to develop the other elements of the war so they can play a part. The symbiotes are out, at least for now. Not that they were ever a part of the story that anyone ever encountered. The Evangelists, Seekers and New Inquisition are still in there since the Church was the most developed part of the whole thing and was solid enough as it was. It's set in the eighties to begin with, the story arc begins there and should get moved along by five to ten years every so often with new elements being introduced as the timeline advances.

Least that's the intention, it all comes down to time and dedication I guess
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