The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


I am in a mood.
The frenchman is still here (but leaving this weekend) and there are no new chairs (though it is apparantly a short matter of time). I might be taking a trip to chicago next week for a couple of days which would be cool since I've never actually been in America before - with luck I'll be kept busy because I'm certain chicago has a good games store for me to blow huge amounts of cash in and I have the self restraint of a horny jackrabbit when it comes to shopping when out of the country. I'll find out what the story is in the next day or two anyway.
I'm still in a mood though, I think it's post holiday depression or something, it's easy when I'm on time off to forget that I have months and months, if not years and years, more in this place even allowing for windfalls and suchlike that might allow me to open my own business. Still, at least things are looking up here in terms of money and opportunities for a change.

I'm meeting Ian tonight to thrash out the background to the game, I think I've come up with a solid enough explanation that allows christian and pagan mythology/belief to cross over and interact while at the same time allowing for other "supernatural" elements. Unfortunately most of it will end up in the "Big Secrets" drawer for now until metaplot or boredom demands it's reemergence. It's more to allow the different game elements to mesh together without causing (for example) White Wolf esque conflicts in cosmology and mechanics.

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