The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Brain in a jar

Five pages of notes written in the pub over a few coffees and cigarettes, I should do that more often, far fewer distractions since there is no possibility that I will feel the need to download more music to listen to, watch Oprah or generally find some other excuse to slack off (not that the whole RPG thing is some sort of mega important project with deadlines and stuff but when I decide I want to spend time on something and then fail to get anything done it pisses me off something chronic). I'm up to about 30 pages of hand written notes in total now, most of it completly indecypherable and unintelligible to anyone but myself - and probably quite scary to others given that about three pages are devoted to the concept of "lost towns" where the laws of narrative hold sway and where one individual can control all that happens there. The section on people granted divine powers is more than a little odd and "HITLER!" is in there in bold underlined text, right beside "BRAIN IN A JAR!".

Maybe I'll drink tea next time.

For future reference though, I should bring a walkman with me for some music though listening to the radio did provide me with one note about sensory deprivation tanks. Still, irish DJs aren't much fun to listen to as a rule and I could have gotten the whole tank thing without listening to some wishy washy new aged voice wittering on about the strains of modern living. I still have to dig out the old notes, wherever they are and there's a certain sense of apprehension about it stirring around in my gut. You know how it feels when you hear yourself singing without music in the background? This is much the same feeling. I'm glad we never finished this thing back five years ago, it would have sucked almightily (and it still might) and been a real embarassment to all involved.

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