The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

We got the little female rabbit neutered on tuesday and she was back with us by the next day after staying overnight. She's in a seperate cage for now to keep her from hurting herself by humping the other bunny and busting a stitch. There is almost always a change in personality in an animal when they're neutered and she does seem to be a little less aggressive at the moment which is more likely a result of being tired and sore than anything else but I live in hope.
More importantly though, she seems to have gotten some ideas during her time in the vet and is now displaying her annoyance with me by taking one of her bowls (food or water) and dumping it into the other one. She's done this about five times since she got home.

Little werido...

Other than that I watched Wishmaster last night, I've seen wishmaster 3 and 4 before and the original would seem to be the best - not to say that the original is in any way a good movie, just much better than sequels 3 and 4. Wishmaster 4 had one clever idea in it but it would seem that they abandoned much of the Djinn mythos after the first movie - gawd help us if that was deemed too complex for the cinema audience, I suspect it was because the mythos required that plot holes be developed here and there though. I've got "in the mouth of madness" to go through today, I got some of the way into it yesterday but not more than half an hour. I might do some shitty horror renting over the weekend come to think of it, it's as valid an excuse as any to re-rent "dagon" and "the reanimator".

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