The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

"Unholy Wars"

Five years ago I started writing an RPG with a friend called Ian. Ideas were thrown to and fro and in the end we came up with a good chunk of background revolving around a twisted church and state theme. Ultimately though, nothing ever came of it, we had better things to do and a bit of a lack of resources, I had to find a new job, as did Ian since the one he was in was doing things to his brain and after a while it fell by the wayside and now exists, as far as I can tell, only on my work PC, hidden away in a zip file, deep in some random directory tree. It wasn't a particularly bad background, it contained scientifically rationalised supernatural elements, a little intrigue and AWESOME COSMIC POWERS!!
Until this week when myself and Ian both, at the same time, seperately got the itch to finish the damned thing once and for all. We're going to dig out the old version, I'm going to go through the background and delete all the crap that is too embarassing to admit we thought was good five years ago and then do it properly, release the core books as free PDFs and then come out with sourcebooks as time goes on. It might not happen, we might get bored again but I'd like to think something playable might come from it. Equally Ian might kill me when he sees all the crap I made notes about to put in the game.
Anyhoo, time will tell.
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