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Fingers Crossed

Today will be a *good* day, I will make it a good day. I will get me a haircut, I will retrieve my computer from IT Direct on the basis that after two weeks they can't find a damned thing wrong with it (and when I turn it on and find exactly the same problem happening again, I shall return to shove it up their collective nose) They suggested trying the monitor on another machine to see if the problem was there but that yelded nothing but seven hours of perfectly rendered screensaver.

Alternatively I'll crumble and bring them in the monitor as well, should they think that might make a tiny bit of difference to their diagnostics.

Anyway, if folks could possibly keep their fingers crossed for me tomorrow at around 10:30 AM GMT as I'll be in one of those "God damn I want this job" interviews by that time and I want all the good vibes I can get headed my way. I'll post all the gory details tomorrow afternoon once I get into work afterwards.

I just completed an interview with Mr Pat Kapera (of Doomtown and Legends of the Burning Sands CCG as well as Shadowforce D20 and Series Archer (both from AEG - Cool guy all round. As soon as I get my baby back from IT Direct I'll do all the schwoom stuff and post it up there in a more meaningful and presentable format than I could here.

We rented out "Blade 2" and "The Hole" over the weekend, Blade 2 was okay, the CGI was a bit iffy and a little too unreal (physical bodies were too light and fast given their various poises and masses) and whoever scripted the fight scenes had obviously just spent a week solid playing Tekken 4, Dead or Alive 2, Mortal Kombat and your pick of the WWF games. At several points in the movie I expected to see "FINISH HIM!" flash up on the screen in dripping blood.

The Hole was shit, utter crap, I normally try to be fair and say "I felt it was a little slow" but this time I just feel bitter that it sucked away an hour of my life (we didn't bother watching the end, it was *that* bad) Asides from the discomforting fact that at one point in the movie a supposed 17 year old girl flashes her breasts at another camera, the entire "edgy", psychological thriller aspect of the movie was lost in the trudging wankery of a "Oh aren't I SO god damned clever" set of "plot" "twists". The only other movie we've ever stopped before the end was "I've been watching you 2 - Prom Night" (rent it, you'll reassess all your "worst movie ever" estimations). My God it was bad... crap crappity crap crap.

Scratch that last sentence, God had no hand in any of that movie though he could possibly be held responsible for not directly intervening and blasting the director (and his descendents unto the seventh generation) with a bazillion volts of lightning old testament style.

Mutterings over the redundancies have faded to barely a background murmur, I suppose people have mostly realised that you're better off keeping your head below the trenches for a while and not getting noted as a dissenting whinger, there's little enough you can do about it anyway other than look around at your possibilities and see what's out there. Ho hum.

Got me a suit and everything on sunday, I'm lookin' *sharp* IMO. I never thought I'd feel entirely heterosexual in a purple shirt but lo and behold I'm feeling fine, which means either I'm feeling very secure or there's something I'm not telling myself.

Back to work...

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