The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

That stupid cough still hasn't gone away so I'm still up, trying to get sleepy so I can go to bed and not annoy the absolute hell out of metalrabbit. The odd bit is that I hardly coughed at all today but once I got to bed my body suddenly decided that my lungs would look better on the outside. I'm probably allergic to something in the bedroom.
Tomorrow (or today now) is officially "do nothing day" where we do nothing except faff about the house all day long, watching farscape DVDs and lazing around. No trips into town, no shopping, just the sofa, the DVD player and the PCs. I suppose that technically finishing my gaelcon scenarios and building a rabbit hutch do not fall under the boundaries set down by the idea of "do nothing day" but the point is more to avoid thronging masses of humanity than actually carving a butt groove into the sofa. I'd also try and fix whatever the hell is wrong with our internet connection too but that'd probably be more annoying than anything.

Before I left work on wednesday I also found out that one of my tantrums resulted in the whole department getting new chairs. Not before time really since the backs of most of the chairs we have are so useless (and dangerous) that the chairs are only of use if treated as stools. Granted I asked for new PCs, desks, mousemats, lights and lord knows what else, but like with any other demands from an employer, you aim high and expect the lower end of the list - which in this case would normally be mousemats but since I threatened to forward any further doctor's bills for my back to the company for payment I guess they figured a few hundred on chairs was a lot better than several grand on a chiropractor. There's a lesson in here somewhere I'm sure.
With luck the new chairs should arrive and the frenchman should have left by the time I get back to work. Two monumental pains in my ass will disappear in a single two week period.

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