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Nearly there

Only two more days before a blessed fortnight off - two days which very likely will not be spent mostly in the data hosting place since my impeccable logic and dedictive skills discovered that once again, the frenchman had fucked up. In a meeting this afternoon he was finally forced to concede that the system we're testing was not as healthy as he had been claiming it was for the past week and a half and that thanks to some changes he had introduced, it was running about 50% slower than before. All this in front of the MD.

All this might sound a bit vindictive to people who have only recently added me to their friends list lately but I have an unfortunate habit of holding a grudge against fuckers who try to paint me as an idiot (which perhaps I am sometimes but I'm a damned sight smarter than they are) whose version of subtle manipulation is to get their version of the story to the boss first regardless of log files.

Anyway it's good to be the king.

I finished Jedi Academy on sunday evening, a good game, very enjoyable but finishes far too quickly. I have a strange urge to apologise to my girlfriend for some reason. I tried the online multiplayer for a wee while and that also is funky but also a good reminder as to why I dislike playing competitive online games. Of course, if you LIKE competing against people who use cheats and who call you names for killing them then I guess it's a laugh.

I have a stinker of a cold at the moment, I'm fit for little more than sitting here, I'm tired and I get dizzy when I stand up and move around. I'm not certain that any doctor would reccomend this but I'm finding that smoking the occasional cigarette is helping since coughing is a good way to clear the crap out of my lungs - crap that is most likely there because of my smoking. It's like an antisocial circle of life.... or circle of phlegmy death perhaps.

Lastly, with winter pressing in and the back yard getting to be a no rabbit zone with all the cold concrete I've come up with a design for a new hutch for the rabbits - a nice modular design with three floors that'll fit nicely into a well lit alcove. They've well and truly outgrown the hutch they have and keeping them in it all winter would be bloody cruel. Between that and my "rabbit proofing the house" project (something that can only be acomplished as gothwalk pointed out, by moving everything upstairs) I should be busy for a while - heck, even coming up with a way to proof the house should be enough for several days.

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