The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


Yesterday or the day before, ten people stood in front of a judge convicted of violating a court order preventing them from interfering with the collection of rubbish as part of their protests against the unpopular refuse collection taxes which many people see as another unfair double taxation added to a lengthy list.

They were all facing a fortnight in jail for this but the judge offered them all (as I understand) a suspended sentence if they basically apologised. They refused and are being sent to jail.

Fair enough, you do the crime you do the time and not agreeing with the principles of a court order or law does not invalidate it.

BUT, one of the people going to jail is a breast feeding mother aged 31 who made the plea to the judge that, since she was a breast feeding mother she couldn't go to jail. The judge gave her a week instead and the kid is going to jail with her.

Outrageous? yup.

She had the opportunity to get out of it completly with a simple, insincere apology yet she put her "principles" ahead of the well being of her child - essentially putting a protest that, in the greater scheme of things matters not one bit ahead of her kid's welfare.

The kid is two years old and being breastfed? Either a lie to get out of the sentence or freaky (unless I'm very mistaken and it's normal to breastfeed up to that age) beyond measure.

Not that I'm a fan of the judiciary in this country by any means or measure but I wish the media would cop the fuck on on this one, she was given an out and didn't take it, it was HER decision to take the kid to jail, not the judge's.
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