The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

It seems like the tide of shitty luck has turned finally. I got jedi knight: Jedi Academy working last night, all it took was completly formatting my hard disk again and installing Windows 2000. Unfortunately a side effect of this was that I had to lose the contents of my D: drive because of a faulty file on it that I could not delete, nothing would let me get rid of the stupid thing or install Win98 so I could just do it through a graphical environment.
The upshot is that I lost a large chunk of both adventures I was writing for Gaelcon. Annoying but it never takes as long to write stuff up the second time around.
I was sitting there thinking "Right.. so is there anything on d: that I need?... well there are a few music videos, some mp3s and all my save games and some other crap, nothing I can't re-download or get from my magazine coverdisk collection.

Okay... *deep breath*
e:\win98\format d:
Warning: You are about to do something stupid, want to continue y/n?
Formatting d:\

Oh.... shit....

It was a blessing in disguise I reckon because that SLA scenario had a really shitty middle part now that I go over my notes and also now that I think about it, the start of the D&D one could use work, it requires a bit too much GM pushing to get the characters on the right road.

Finally, I sent the boss an email cataloging the frenchman's transgressions for the last six months, making it clear that there was more, I just didn't have those diaries to hand, that I'm not paid enough for this crap and that I feel we would be well advised to fly him into the sun instead of chicago (not in so many words). I neither know nor care what'll be done with it (or even if anything CAN be done with it) but no one can ever say I didn't put it on record.
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