The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Cork is a much nicer place than I remember, invasive and obstructive roadworks aside. I went down there on saturday to see metalrabbit and arrived in the place at around 1 ish. We had a nice lunch and then she left me to my own devices for a few hours - perhaps not the greatest idea ever since I had my credit card and didn't know my way around, a combination practically guaranteed to end eith me skint and heavily burdened with crap. Somewhere over the last few years though some of her attempts at getting me some culture must have paid off because I spent a considerable amount of that time in the nearby art gallery looking at paintings by an artist whose name escapes me but the style had a strangely photographic quality to it in that they were incredibly detailed and realistic.
I also hit the local gaming store (Another Realm) and near wet myself when I saw the sheer amount of stuff in there, I picked up some Buffy RPG books on the sunday, it's pretty damned good as these games go.
The hotel was lovely, the food was fantastic and substantial, the bed was soft and the company was twitchy and affectionate, lots of fun.
I got up this morning, or late last night depending on your perspective at 4:30 to get a taxi from blarney (where the hotel was) into cork for the 5:15 am train and somehow managed to be in work on time, despite the best efforts of dublin bus, ignorant pricks who attempted to skip in front of me (not this morning fucker) and dublin traffic congestion. Unfortunately my body is convinced it's nearly time to go home.

Also, the gothling/sk8er/"punk" population of cork is huge

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