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Note: Excuse the melodrama, I've just never had this happen to me before so I'm probably not as jaded as many IT workers out there in real-land.

Well, as you can probably judge from yesterday's last entry, things in work this morning are a little restrained. Questions are being asked with typical survivor guilt "Why her? Why not me? She was here longer then me" and the usual startled reactions where everyone is fighting the urge to scatter in several directions. To be fair, personally I'd prefer a solid new job for a year as opposed to the current one that can vanish from under me in a week. That's just the instant reaction to the shock of the annoucement I'm sure though.

No jokes this morning, plenty of chat but no jokes. This is depressing, I hate being depressed (which tends to result in anger pretty quickly, I have no problem with being angry so problem solved!) We're assured the company is in fine shape now but the thoughts on everyone's minds seems to be that we're sure that there are thousands of unemployed out there who were assured exactly the same thing by their bosses a year back.

This livejournal thing is great, I was just looking over yesterday's entries, it's wierd remembering exactly what I was thinking, like for the board meeting I was assuming bad "no bonuses" news and assured myself that I was being paranoid. Asshole.

This may well be a multi update day....

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