The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Everyone's a critic

Right, so I went to see Spirited Away with metalrabbit, sabayone and gothwalk last night. Everyone else seemed to like it but to me watching it felt like recovering from a serious operation in a hotel lobby - you knew it would all be over soon and you'd feel better and be back in your own bed soon, but in the meantime you had to endure having nothing entertaining to do and listening to every day release mental patient in dublin chatting away around you, it felt like we four were about the only silent people throughout the whole movie.
Now listen you fucking smacktards who sat behind us, if you don't get the cultural references now you never will unless you actually try to learn about them. Chatting about it won't help and makes you sound more like a brain donor than some sort of spiritual genius.

That's not to say my lack of enjoyment was anything to do with the people behind me, maybe it did, but my major problem with it was that the entire movie felt like something that would result if Hunter S Thompson and David Lynch both fucked lewis carrol and he had a baby, and then they put that baby in a blender with a pack of lucky charms and put it on film (possibly someone ate the baby charms and shit them out onto film also, it depends how charitable I'm feeling).

It had some incredibly cool moments though and some really cool so-anti-cute-they're-cute creatures in it. From what little I know of japanese myth there were some pretty cool interpretations of the different spirits and what can happen to them in there (see fucktards? I can wait until after the movie to spout shit)

Oh, and for the fucking fucker who not only left his phone on through the movie but actually answered it twice and held a conversation the second time, there is a special place in hell set aside for you.

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