The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Happy happy joy joy

So, as I said in a reply to my original post yesterday, after a particularly shitty day it was all turned around when everyone in the company was given a little "thank you" bonus thing, nothing massive but generous and unexpected nonetheless. [1]

So I went into town to buy myself something cool and much to my delight I saw the new Jedi Knight game, Jedi Academy. It's nice but very very crashy, partly to do with my graphics card drivers, partly directX. I tried a copy of Hitman 2 I had around the place just to see if it worked and sure enough it didn't,it kept complaining about not being able to create 3D thingies..
I got some advice from a guy in work who actually reads about these things when he has problems as opposed to just hammering blindly at the problem as I do and I have some stuff to download and mess with before I can get the damned thing working. It's sort of annoying that games and drivers are still being released that don't work properly.

Still, from whatI saw, Jedi Academy is a saucy wench of a game, it's basically the same as it's predecessor - Jedi Outcast, but with slightly souped up graphics, the option to custom build your character's appearance (six race/gender combos, 3-5 heads per race, 5 or more torsos per race and 3-6 legs per race). It's all fairly well done. Apparantly you can also choose your fighting style - one, two or dual sabre and force powers are mostly user definable (as opposed to being predetermined by the game in Outcast) and the fighting in general has improved something amazing. It's just very sweet.

So far the day is balancing out, on one hand I have JK:JA, on the other hand it's a bit crashy, I had to deal with an ignorant surly cow of a shop attendant when buying bus tickets this morning and the bus driver decided he'd rather not wait for me to be on the bus properly before he closed the doors, on the first hand again though, metalrabbit is back tonight finally!

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