The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


I hit my reset button this evening, just in time too since the last week has left me perilously close to a nasty episode of depression or burnout or something. We were supposed to get a new release this morning, at half four we still didn't have it but the frenchman informed shortly afterwards that yeah, we could start on it, sure it was there this morning, we aren't testing it? Wow... wierd, you should have started this morning.

Couldn't even lose my temper, just couldn't be bothered. Never a good sign. Between that and the exhaustion that's been setting in I reckon tomorrow might have involved going in at the deep end, throwing my resignation at someone like a misshapen ninja star and streaking out. I have not been in my happy place for the last few days.

Note to self - Streak out.

The rabbits are starting to worry me, they've not touched their water in days now, they're still fine and healthy, just not drinking anything.

Last for tonight, thanks to olethros for pointing me at which revealed to me the tax rules of the country, which has made great differences to the viability of my ideas for the next year.

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