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Itsy Bitsy Spider

There has been a spider in my bath all day.

I do not like spiders, like many others the movie Arachnaphobia continues to cause the screaming willies in me whenever I see a spider.

This spider is currently held in a glass covered by card, held down with a copy of American Gods because he quite frankly scares the shit out of me. All day long, whenever I came into the bathroom he kept trying to get at me, scrabbling at the side of the bath and waving his front legs at me.

He is larger than your average spider too, I took some pictures.

Updated: I put this behind a cut tag because he scares me, never mind anyone reading this.

That's him beside a 50 cent coin

This is a front on perspective, notice the gigantic mandibles (grainy pic, so you might not) and wierd front leggy things, which may also be mandibles, I'm not an expert.

And this is him trying to kill me again.

UPDATED: Now with extra terror.
Forgot I took these...

This is a close up of one of the pictures where you can better see his giant mandibles of doom. In all seriousness, looking at him closely, they looked big enough to pierce skin and thus inject his paralytic spooge.

I was trying to get a side on view for this one when he decided he'd rather try and get me again instead of posing, he was running at the camera when this was taken. I think I got the focus right this time and you can see his venom dripping fangs more clearly here.
I had the webcam software rendering the pictures at maximum size, so when he DID run at the camera I was watching the monitor where he was displayed in all his zoomed in glory, so when he ran at it, towards the screen from my perspective, I nearly shit myself.

They say that if you let a creature free and they come back to you then they love you. In this instance if he comes back to me I'm going to abandon my principles about harming innocent creatures and hit him with my shoe until he's a stain on the concrete.


Right, I let him go outside the front door and the motherfucker went straight to the drainpipe. I shan't be sleeping well tonight.

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