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Anticipation is a bitch

Yeesh, is it too much to ask for a reply to an email? I'm dieing here....

That said, the giddiness I'm "suffering" is pretty cool, I rarely get excited about anything, I mean sure, I may yack on about how I'm looking forward to such-and-such a game but I almost never feel a constant need to pee and perpetual butterflys in my stomach over anything.

And I know it might not happen but like I said before, it makes me realise what other options are open to me.

I am also distressingly filled with love and tolerance for my fellow man, something I definitely haven't experienced in several years, largely because I hate my fellow man and have absolutely fuck all patience for him - ignorant snide little sod that he - by and large - is.

Ah, there we are, a quick blast of famialiarity.

Uh oh... board meeting.

Boo Yah..
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