The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

At the suggestion of iresprite

Introducing Wombat's Annals of Pain!

So, the year is something around 1993 or 1994 and I'm walking through some fields with a friend. It's the deepest darkest wiles of cavan and I'm somewhat lost. I know home is a mile or two off but not in what direction it lies. My "friend" decides that it would be incredibly funny to run off and leave me lost in banjo country and heads for cover.
Not pleased with this, or the prospect of having to find the long way home by wandering until I find a landmark I recognise I run after him. He vaults a stream which is just a bit too wide for me to manage (being quite short at the time) so I keep up with him on my side while he runs off on the other side.

Since I'm watching him and not where I am going I completly failed to notice the electric fence.
Note to townies: An electric fence is a nigh invisible piece of nylon with metal wires threaded through it for the purpose of conducting a large amount of electricity. They are VERY hard to see sometimes, despite being bright orange - this one was grey to make things worse. They are designed to deliver a shock great enough to hurt a large cow or larger bull and have been known to kill people sometimes if the voltage is too high (some can be like sticking a fork in a power outlet). The electricity is delivered in pulses so there's little chance of actually being electrocuted but....

This one is turned up high by the standards of anything I've come into contact with.

So I ran into it at full speed, which was respectable for a fifteen year old guy who isn't carrying the results of several years of smoking and drinking too much regular cola.

I took three heavy electric shocks to the gonads before I managed to stop moving forward and another four as I ran backwards, perhaps five, things get a bit fuzzy around that point. Between the shock of... well shock to the nards, and running backwards at speed I tripped, fell backwards and underneath the fence which then snapped back into place, but not before it made contact with my forehead to deliver another one to the brain.

I found my friend though, he was the one howling with laughter, on the ground in the bushes.

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