The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Right, this whole White Wolf suing sony over similarities between the new movie Underworld thing.

I've read the pdf which is supposedly the real list of problems and.... well... White wolf are high aren't they? 80% or so of the list was complete crap where they complain that sony stole their idea.. and idea that they themselves stole from another source or is just simply regular vampire/werewolf lore or is just common sense (I think half the Vampire players would have come up with anti-werewolf silver nitrate bullets as an idea in chemistry class all on their own). Of the other 20% of what's listed there might be some points of merit in there but they're lost amongst the crap about how vampires and werewolves can hurt each other with their teeth and fangs in both Underworld and White Wolf (really!?! because if they couldn't then it'd be a pretty dull movie). I think the only ones of any merit at all were about names (old vampires are elders, vampire werewolves are abominations) but I think they're doomed to lose the case because the 10 semi valid ones are lost in a mass of bullshit.

Could be wrong though.

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