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Got some good news last night, (last wednesday to be precise, but I forgot to read my mail for a few days thanks to some extreme business) and God Damn....

I'm not going to say anything specific about it for fear of jinxing it (so it doesn't matter how often you mail asking me what the story is, not a soul is going to find out until after the event) but suffice to say that
a) It would be damned cool if it happened.
b) Even the possibility of it happening has opened all sorts of options I would never have otherwise considered trying.

I've said too much anyway, I'm crap at keeping secrets when they're good personal news (or as grandad would have said "ye couldn't hold yer piss") and Greg wasn't around this morning to rant at.

More news later in the week. And I should be getting my computer back real real soon, this is like, the best monday ever!
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