The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Fuck the fuck off

You fuckers.

Not only did that french asshole decide that he wanted our new test server that I spent a week and a half setting up, but he went ahead and started fucking about on it anyway costing us another two weeks of work (because with a test environment you can't go around changing things mid way through the cycle - which he did). For the sake of his convenience we lose an essential piece of kit and in fact also lose access to the old server we were on, leaving us with a server that is essentially off limits to the rest of the department for two weeks or more per month as I do stress testing.

Fucking magic. For non tech people, his wankery just made it very very hard to do our jobs, if not impossible on the current schedules we have.

But it gets better, we're getting new carpet in the office on wednesday and WE get to move all the furniture around. I've refused and I hope the others do the same because I'll be damned if I do my back in again. I wouldn't mind if it was only a few of these shitty desks, but there are some heavy duty metal cabinets to think about too.

There's also the small matter that new carpets are being installed before there's any talk of us getting decent machinery or pay reviews. Fuckers.

Current mood - Moody

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