The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

So let me get this straight, and correct me if I'm wrong here.

An inquiry (not a tribunal for a pleasant change) is set up to investigate the rampant sex, physical and mental abuses in the establishments run by the catholic church for the last.. say sixty or so years after the flood of accusations coming from former pupils of the various schools run by holy orders - actually replace "accusations" with "horror stories" and you'd be closer to the truth. The inquiry was also supposed to look into the incredible amounts of covering up or (more often) inactivity about these accusations. Priests with dozens of complaints being left to serve in the same parish, or being moved just a few miles.

So here we have the inquiry, probably the first time ever the church's authority in this country is being seriously challenged (and in some places it's power outstrips the elected government in terms of influence).

The government then pretty much removes their power to summon or prosecute the accused and then turns around and offers to pay any bills incurred by the church if and when they are sued by the victims of abuse.

Talk about institutionalised.

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