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Mon, Aug. 25th, 2003, 03:09 pm
Killing wildlife for fun and profit

I'm playing Dark Age of Camelot these days, it's fun and simple and a damned sight easier to play than Anarchy Online as it turns out. I used to deride it's simplicity since from the outside it looks like there's nothing to do but now I'm just not sure, in the past couple of weeks I've been in several groups plumbing the depths of ancient tombs (and getting horribly killed in the process), quested my ass off helping noble lords reclaim long lost artifacts (by long lost, I mean for the ten minutes since the last guy returned it to him) and adventuring around a very nicely rendered version of ireland (though comprised of very suspicious geography) - and died horribly. I've forged crappy swords and dyed all my clothes a charcoal grey to be extra cool, I've faced vikings and armored knights from enemy realms and fired a ballista at the gates of a contested keep in an effort to blast them open and reclaim the castle for hibernia (and died horribly). In those same battles I've cleaved spellcasters in twain and taken more arrows than I'm completly comfortable with, I've been hit in the face with more fireballs than I can count and been ambushed by dwarves almost as often. I play the hero class and I am the man, I can take more punishment than anyone else and deal out large amounts of hurting and use combat styles that can finish an enemy off in seconds, I can use a bow and have less magical ability in my whole body than any other class has in their left little toenail.
Since the expansion came out I've traveled to far distant realms and gotten terribly lost (and horribly killed), fallen out of trees during pitched combat (and been killed over a fair radius) and met a lot of cool players.

I dunnow, my previous experiences in DAOC weren't so cool, not nearly as cool as all this, something has changed about the game, for the better, and comparing it to Anarchy online is like comparing chalk to cheese now... hell, people talk to each other in DAOC, they invite you into groups and offer to power level you and build you ass kicking suits of armor.

Yup, fun.
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Mon, Aug. 25th, 2003 08:00 am (UTC)
mr_wombat: Damnit

It's still no Everquest ;)

I still reckon the NWN thing might be the best bet if we want our online gaming fix in all honesty being free and easy to set up and all.
DAOC just appeals to the final fantasy player in me who wants nothing more than simple levelling up and killing stuff and getting more weapons. It's just nice that the OPTION to do the crafting thing is there.
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Mon, Aug. 25th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
mr_wombat: Re: Damnit

"And I only have to pay one time for each of those Final Fantasy fixes! ;)"

Yeah, but when you max out your levels, who you gonna show it to? I get to show it to several hundred other players who will all be equally unimpressed :)

It's an exhibitionist thing evidently, I suspect the inner need to show off is what makes MMOs so sucessful.
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Mon, Aug. 25th, 2003 08:36 am (UTC)
mr_wombat: Re: Damnit

Unfortunately there's no european role playing server, something that doesn't so much annoy me as disappoint me, that and I can't play on american servers for some reason, hell, I bought the game, I should be able to decide where I play. I might be wrong but it don't seem like it (I suppose most people would play on american servers if the option existed)

Aside from the grandstanding, I think there are also a lot of people who (like me) want to level up to 50 not to be the k3wl d3wd as much as they want to make the game more enjoyable for those people of lower levels than themselves. I've often spent quite some time helping out players get some levels in just for the sake of it (though occasionally it has paid off dividends in the form of MASSIVE WADS OF CASH!!) but that's not why I do it, it slows my advancement down a tiny amount and increases theirs massively, if they're jerks I don't do it but for a lot of people being able to be the hero you can't be in real life is appealing.