The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

What we say Vs What we mean

"Yeah, sounds fine to me" - "I will cry myself to sleep tonight with frustration"

"Bonus scheme? nice" - "Your attempt to shaft me royally has succeeded beyond your wildest dreams"

"No, I don't mind staying late" - "I know full well I will not get home before 11:30 tonight, my rabbits will be in a mood because I didn't feed them, I will have to clean up the pee they spray out of the cage when that happens and have violent revenge fantasies about you and your entire department for days to come - oh and if you say one god damned word to me when I wander in an hour late tomorrow I will fuck you up real bad"

"Fuck off" - *Picture yourself clubbing the target of the swearing using a keyboard as a shield and the mouse as a flail*

"It'll be fine" - "It probably won't, but I hope to be out of this job by the time it becomes an issue, and if I'm not then nothing you can do or say will upset me anyway because dear god I want out of here"

"Nah, it can be interesting working here sometimes" - "I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO drunk"

"I'm learning a lot" - "And I intend to forget it as quickly as possible to make more room for naked images of Angie Everheart"

"I enjoy working with everyone here" - "Insofar as I don't consider killing them often"

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