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Just got off the phone with IT Direct, it seems it's going to be another week before my computer is even *looked* at. So, another ten days or so before I get it back at this rate, possibly/probably more.


I'm poking around looking for a new job again, I seem to do this every couple of months, pretty regularly (which can't be a good sign in terms of job satisfaction). Games testing jobs are as rare as ever, populated by people with no idea of QA. Even the british ones seem to be drying up a bit right now (though that's pretty academic given that I don't much feel like relocating to england) and worse still, there doesn't appear to be any normal QA jobs on the go right now (I'm sure they exist but they're not being advertised online). It tends to be a bit of a downward spiral when I get sick of my job, can't even find any new ones advertised and start feeling trapped in this one which generally bores/annoys the hell out of me on alternate days.

My whole "start a games company" thing has stalled somewhat lately in the face of adversity (state funding people aren't in the least interested, it seems to be a bit of a joke or something) and judging from the adverts on job sites, there are no shortage of vacancies for people with experience but no one to fill them.

Screw all of this, this is not the mood to be posting in.

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