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Life without a computer: Day 4: wherin the hero starts to lose it.

I finally found the recipt for my computer, thanks to the rabbit who managed to put it somewhere genuinely safe yet easy to find. Rang up IT direct, gave them the details and now I'm hoping for the best. I presume they don't charge for determining what faulty hardware they supplied me with but you never know, either way though I should be okay, even if I DO have to pay for labour (replacement parts costing their weight in gold as we know)

Nonetheless, I'm still upset, three months is too short a lifespan for a fault free computer. Equally, I usually have more sense than to format without backing up my source code, save games and the like, not to mention the loss of the whole "new schwoom" thing and all the associated movies and media we'd prepared for the site. Granted, it's always easier to rebuild than it is to build from scratch but that doesn't make it less of a pain in the ass, just a shorter one.

Unfortunately, Greg is back to college and overworked already meaning that his spare time for helping me with said media is pretty precious so it remains to be seen what happens. Being as how I'm taking the site to a more "e-zine" format and the way that requires a more co-ordination and interaction with and between writers I'm going to start a yahoo group to talk these things over.

The group is I'll be posting it to the schwoom page itself before long once I've notified all involved (why post it here first? well, I know a fair number of people involved read this anyway). Joining the list is done on a basis of being approved (soley to keep out spammers and assholes) but there's no real restriction since I'd like to make it a sort of community thing. Time will tell.

Thassall. Go sign up.

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