The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

My girlfriend is a God damned heathen II

So we're watching robocop a week or two back and she's making nasty comments about how retro it looks, including a little song about how horribly 80s it looked.
I put it to her that she was in fact wrong and God damnit she should shut the hell up and watch the movie. Stinging critique of... stuff.. that it is.

Then one of the villains comes on screen, played by an actor whose name escapes me right now (and IMDBing isn't a great option) but who also played Red Foreman in "that 70s show". We both spent some time trying to remember where we knew him from, not remembering the aforementioned role and show. I sat for a while puzzled while she stabbed her finger at the screen saying "I know who he is... I know who he is!"

"Who is it?" I asked innocently.

"I can't remember where I saw him before but I know him from somewhere" she replied.

"Same here" I said.

She continued in this manner for a few seconds before she grabbed her hair and screamed.


I moved a little further to the left on the sofa after that.

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