The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Rock band 2 - The graphics would have been forgivable five years ago, all the best songs are on Guitar Hero 4 which, company loyalty aside, I reckon is the far superior game. Later I remembered that I had set my Xbox graphical settings quite low over christmas to work on another TV so I changed it back to the highest the TV could manage and it still looked like playdough ass.

Saints Row 2 - I completed the introductory tutorial, then I saw a hooker and in true videogame tradition decided to punch the money out of her. Then a squadron of blacksploitation style pimps turned up. I punched the money out of them. Then I stole some kind of Chevrolet Impala looking car, took it to a garage, upgraded it to batmobile levels of invunerability, found a japanese gangster, punched the katana out of him and I've done nothing but enjoy the game without doing a single mission since then. This evening I made my own batcycle, I eventually hope to make my own batdumptruck. The control system could do with some work, the same button is used to jump out of a vehicle as is used to take someone else in the vehicle hostage. This is fine in a car, it was not so fine when I discoverd this while flying a jet thousands of feet in the air, climbed out the door and plummeted, naked, to my death. I was naked because of an earlier optional mission to streak and offend as many people as possible. It is that kind of game.

Mirror's Edge - Marvel at the white city! Stare in awe at the amazing light effects! Play for ten minutes before getting sick of the needlessly complex control system.

Left 4 Dead - The campaign is cool, I've heard people complaining about the lack of narrative connecting the campaigns together (there used to be cutscenes but they were removed thanks to a spectacularly thick focus group) but I don't mind because I have enough imagination to see how they'd string together. Plus you don't need narrative more complex than "There are is an effectively infinite number of zombies in the city. There are four of you. You are here. You need to get there. The zombies are in between. PS - don't shoot the cars". For sheer, vindictive, swaggering, boasting, argument-causing fun you can't beat the versus mode where each level is played twice, once as zombies with special attacks and once as the survivors. At work we play this every lunchtime. My team has won every game for almost a fortnight now. The teams change, I remain the winning constant - I'm just saying.

Dead Space - Its not as good as Silent Hill one or two but better than Silent Hill three or four. I suppose it could be up there with Resident Evil 4 in terms of the feel and level of the scary (though Dead Space has more shock moments and there might have been a couple of close pee based calls towards the end of the game)

Hellboy - The Science of Evil - This game now makes it okay to say "Hellboy games are shit". Maybe it gets better after the incredibly repetitive first level but I couldn't be bothered finding out.

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