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Fri, Aug. 8th, 2003, 12:00 pm
Friday friday friday friday friday Weeeee!

If ever I've had more of a TGIF feeling then I can't remember it. I'm going to get through this day in once piece, go home, have dinner with metalrabbit and once she goes to her game I'm going to play Dark Age of Camelot until my eyes bleed a little. I'm going to read the websites to get the locations of all the missions and quests, do them all, level up several times, make loads and loads of cash, quit my old guild and get into a new one and generally live the life of a heroic little man in a pseudo ireland.

I'm also being horribly tempted by Eve online, something about piloting ships through space and being a space pirate and doing spacey piratical things appeals to me, though I'd have to learn more about it, unless I can get out of my ship and run around then I'm just not interested.

Daoc though, fun fun fun in a simplistic sort of way, not as complex as anarchy online and on paper sounds a lot more dull than AO, but the lack of stuff to do appeals to the part of me that always tried to get to level 99 in the final fantasy games and would spend endless hours killing stupid little monsters to get there.

Also, I must do things with the schwoom.com site, it was the 18th of july when last I touched it, and the next day my computer decided to die, so now that everything is back in order I should finish it off. Something for sunday perhaps.

Also, I will restart that gaelcon D&D scenario that vanished with my program files folder that time.

What I will NOT do is spend hour after hour doing boring crap like turning my CDs into MP3s.. I can do that whenever but it is a shitty way to spend a weekend.