The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Trick or treat?

Am I being insanely nostalgic about my childhood (or even early twenties) in thinking that while halloween was always a rough night of the year for the emergency services it wasn't even remotely this bad even ten years ago?

In Dublin alone:
Three buildings set on fire (presumably deliberately), one of which was very close to my place and about fifty cars set on fire

At least two gardai and one fireman put in the hospital after severe assaults by large groups of people

Eight hundred incidents for the fire department to deal with, over three hundred of them involving assaults.

Six knife attacks, presumably including the one where a moron dressed as Michael Meyers brought out a very real knife as part of the costume, got drunk, slipped and accidentally stabbed his best friend which led to his death because of the next statistic

Five hundred calls for the ambulance service.

Thats all without counting the multitude of other injuries and damages caused because the emergency services were too stretched dealing with this bullshit instead of the usual problems.

Estimates for the cleanup alone (clearing away bonfires, gutted buildings and cars and so on) stand at about a million euro and the overall cost, between hospital treatments, sick days and other associated problems will be several times that.

Happy Fucking Halloween.
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