The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

To the woman I struck on O Connell st this afternoon:

I didn't get a chance to say this because a homeless alcoholic bloke talked me down from going back and screaming at you and then I couldn't find you but: my only regret is that I didn't hit you harder, you stupid - wandering - out - into - traffic - without - looking - where - you're - going - when - the - little - man - is - red - bitch. The next time you pull your head out of your ass long enough to pay attention to where you are and realise that a cyclist is bearing down on you and swerving to avoid your ample frame, try not to actually step into the swerve and act outraged when he slams into you with his shoulder at about twenty miles an hour because the next time it'll be a car and you won't even get the chance to mutter "for fooks sake" in your most unintelligible, lazily enunciated clodmouthed mumble.

Consider your bruised shoulder and close call with the accident and emergency room a valuable lesson.

Edit: It bears mentioning that out of around ten close calls in the past two days of cycling between stoneybatter and the merrion square area, this was the first time I actually collided with someone. Yesterday I almost came off the bike (and lost my wallet in the process requiring a trip to drumcondra to get it back) when some other dumbass did *exactly* the same thing and I was almost hit by a van when I needed to swerve to avoid a fellow cyclist who decided that the corner at trinity was the best place to stop abruptly and get up on the pavement but otherwise I've been accident free but seriously, do they just not teach the green cross code any more?
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