The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I like making posts in threes

Presented with a comment along the lines of "What the fuck is wrong with these people?". (Again, not the techies, I know only too well what it means to have some besuited fucktool sitting back citing the assurances of the dickhead who'd sooner lie and look good than tell the truth about how horribly wrong things are going to go).


"Due to technical reasons we are postponing the Collector’s Edition Head Start code validation to 02:00 CET. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

Of course, this'll add to the current meme that IanC, (the community manager who posted the idiotic and transparently lie filled comments around the internet) keeps mistaking the servers for a place to pour waste coffee.

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